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Work through mental & creative blocks. Fill your cup so you can guide others to become their best, most innovative selves. Enjoy our curated selection of goods and Miraval specialist recommendations to support your intention before, during and after your stay.


GEMSTONE:   TIGER'S EYE -  Grounding, Confidence, Courage



Tiger's Eye Men's Bracelet by Mala + Mantra
Tiger's Eye Bracelet by Mala + Mantra
Tiger's Eye Adjustable Bracelet by Mala + Mantra
Sold outMala & Gemstone Set - Tiger's EyeMala & Gemstone Set - Tiger's Eye
Sold outTiger's Eye Mala by Mala + Mantra
Sold outTiger's Eye Charm by Mala + Mantra
Cell Phone Bed
Cell Phone Bed Sale price$62.00
Cell Phone Sleeping BagCell Phone Sleeping Bag
Cell Phone Sleeping Bag Sale price$10.00
Miraval S'well Bottle - White
Miraval BackpackMiraval Backpack
Miraval Backpack Sale price$58.00
Miraval Spa ToteMiraval Spa Tote
Miraval Spa Tote Sale price$25.00
Miraval WatchMiraval Watch
Miraval Watch Sale price$45.00
My Next 90 Days Planner
My Next 90 Days Planner Sale price$45.00
Dare To Lead
Dare To Lead Sale price$28.00
Boundary Boss by Terri ColeBoundary Boss by Terri Cole
Permission to Be Human
Permission to Be Human Sale price$22.22
The Power of the Herd
The Power of the Herd Sale price$20.95
Trust & Inspire
Trust & Inspire Sale price$18.99
The Language of Emotions
The Language of Emotions Sale price$22.99
Creating Joy & Harmony
Creating Joy & Harmony Sale price$21.99
It's Not about the Horse by Wyatt WebbIt's Not about the Horse by Wyatt Webb