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Spirit + Soul

Alexandra Nicol's Palo Santo SetAlexandra Nicol's Palo Santo Set
Alexandra Nicol's Essential Oil - Roll OnAlexandra Nicol's Essential Oil - Roll On
Elements Of Healing KitElements Of Healing Kit
Elements Of Healing Kit Sale price$138.00
Chakra StonesChakra Stones
Chakra Stones Sale price$54.00
Miraval Custom 7 Stone Set by Mala & MantraMiraval Custom 7 Stone Set by Mala & Mantra
White Sage Smudging StickWhite Sage Smudging Stick
White Sage Smudging Stick Sale price$18.00
Clear Quartz Crystal Tower
Trolleite Crystal Tower
Trolleite Crystal Tower Sale price$62.00
Citrine GemstoneCitrine Gemstone
Citrine Gemstone Sale price$725.00
Tibetan Singing Bowl
Tibetan Singing Bowl Sale price$95.00
Tibetan Tingsha BellsTibetan Tingsha Bells
Tibetan Tingsha Bells Sale price$62.00
Crystal Intention Candle - AmazoniteCrystal Intention Candle - Amazonite
Crystal Intention Candle - AmethystCrystal Intention Candle - Amethyst
Crystal Intention Candle - Rose QuartzCrystal Intention Candle - Rose Quartz
The Crystal Bible - Judy HallThe Crystal Bible - Judy Hall
The Healing Dimensions
The Healing Dimensions Sale price$28.00
Living as Light
Living as Light Sale price$25.00
Manifest Moment to Moment
Manifest Moment to Moment Sale price$17.99
Nothing Logical About It - Maggie GarbariniNothing Logical About It - Maggie Garbarini
Reporting for the Other Side
Creating Joy & Harmony
Creating Joy & Harmony Sale price$21.99
VitaJuwel Crystal Infused Water Bottle - HAPPINESSVitaJuwel Crystal Infused Water Bottle - HAPPINESS
VitaJuwel Crystal Infused Water Bottle - INSPIRATIONVitaJuwel Crystal Infused Water Bottle - INSPIRATION
VitaJuwel Crystal Infused Water Bottle - EUPHORIAVitaJuwel Crystal Infused Water Bottle - EUPHORIA
VitaJuwel Crystal Infused Water Bottle - PASSIONVitaJuwel Crystal Infused Water Bottle - PASSION
Sold outBracelet & Gemstone - AmethystBracelet & Gemstone - Amethyst
Sold outBracelet & Gemstone - CitrineBracelet & Gemstone - Citrine
Sold outBracelet & Gemstone - Clear Crystal QuartzBracelet & Gemstone - Clear Crystal Quartz
Sold outBracelet & Gemstone - Green AventurineBracelet & Gemstone - Green Aventurine
Bracelet & Gemstone - Rose QuartzBracelet & Gemstone - Rose Quartz
Sold outBracelet & Gemstone - SodaliteBracelet & Gemstone - Sodalite
Sold outBracelet & Gemstone Set - AmazoniteBracelet & Gemstone Set - Amazonite
Mala & Gemstone Set - AmethystMala & Gemstone Set - Amethyst
Mala & Gemstone Set - Green AventurineMala & Gemstone Set - Green Aventurine
Mala & Gemstone Set - Rose QuartzMala & Gemstone Set - Rose Quartz
Mala & Gemstone Set - Tiger's EyeMala & Gemstone Set - Tiger's Eye
Mala + Gemstone Set - Clear Crystal Quartz