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For the individual who wants to de-stress, feel grounded, and explore and improve their overall wellbeing. Enjoy our curated selection of goods and Miraval specialist recommendations to support your intention before, during and after your stay.


GEMSTONE:    SODALITE -  Intuition, Clarity, Inspiration



Sodalite Bracelet by Mala + Mantra
Sodalite Adjustable Bracelet by Mala + Mantra
Sold outBracelet & Gemstone - SodaliteBracelet & Gemstone - Sodalite
Gemstone Knotted Wrap Mala - SodaliteGemstone Knotted Wrap Mala - Sodalite
Sodalite Charm by Mala + Mantra
Cell Phone Bed
Cell Phone Bed Sale price$62.00
Cell Phone Sleeping BagCell Phone Sleeping Bag
Cell Phone Sleeping Bag Sale price$10.00
Tibetan Singing Bowl
Tibetan Singing Bowl Sale price$95.00
Miraval Meditation CushionMiraval Meditation Cushion
Miraval Meditation Cushion Sale price$213.00
Feng Shui Oracle DeckFeng Shui Oracle Deck
Feng Shui Oracle Deck Sale price$55.00
My Next 90 Days Planner
My Next 90 Days Planner Sale price$45.00
Boundary Boss by Terri ColeBoundary Boss by Terri Cole
Creating Joy & Harmony
Creating Joy & Harmony Sale price$21.99
Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker
It's Not about the Horse by Wyatt WebbIt's Not about the Horse by Wyatt Webb
From The Core
From The Core Sale price$18.99
The Language of Emotions
The Language of Emotions Sale price$22.99
The Four Agreements
The Four Agreements Sale price$12.95
How To Break Up With Your Phone